Major construction projects are one of the riskiest, most costly ventures a company will undertake, but our tried and true expertise in the design and construction industry protects clients from bad project experiences.

key factors to our approach

Use Clearly Defined Project Objectives

  • Evaluate and Understand the Client's Needs/Expectations (Strategic Business Plan, etc.)
  • Document and Consistently Communicate Objectives
  • Ensure that all Project Team Members Understand Objectives
  • Measure Success Based on Defined Project Objectives

Use a Project Management Plan

  • Identify Project Objectives to be Accomplished by Phase
  • Identify the Process Required to Accomplish Each Objective
  • Identify Decisions Required (by Whom and When) to Accomplish Each Objective
  • Identify Project Team Members Required to Accomplish Each Objective
  • Use Management/Communication Tools

Ensure Timely Decision Making

  • Establish Clear Lines of Authority
  • Provide Sufficient Information to Ensure "Informed" Decisions are Made
  • Provide Sufficient Review Time with Specific Decision Dates Identified

Select the Right Project Team

  • Use a Comprehensive Interview Process (Experience, Role, Chemistry, Specify Services, etc.)
  • Use Comprehensive Consultant Contracts (Architect, Engineer, Constructor)
  • Establish/Maintain Ownership of Project Objectives with all Stakeholders